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The Best Men’s Bags For Winter 2011

A fashionable man requires more than the right shirt, shoes and pair of pants to meet the demands of the pundits. His attire is not complete without the leading accessory of this season, the bag. The usefulness of the man bag in modern life and the manner in which it enhances an outfit makes it an indispensible fashion item. Once the domain of the ladies, the man bag has taken to both the catwalk and the pavement as a strong fashion item. The look this season is for highly prominent tote bags, shoulder bags and outsized travel bags, although many fashion houses have trimmed the size of their bags since the 2010 season but the college boy still underpins the designs following the successes of 2010. Matching shoes and bags, at least as far as color is concerned, is very stylish. The shoulder bag has caught the attention of all the designers and their followers and many carry the distinctive signature of the designer. The man about town must have the business-like leather shoulder bag for his sojourns into the city but turns to a more relaxed fabric look for casual wear. The tote, similarly caters for both the town look and the informal statement. Again leather is well used in formal totes while the softer look of the barrel tote in a range of colors and tones adds a stylishness to a casual look. Men of style will not be seen carry the ungainly tog bags intended for dirty trainers. A dashing travel bag is in vogue not only for weekends away but also as a fitting accessory to a range of ensembles, and for transporting the necessities for gym. Select one that has a coating to ensure that it retains a smart appearance regardless of weather conditions. Nights call for something more subtle than the large masculine designs for daytime. The tidy clutch or large wallet is just the thing. Do not use an old clutch because the styles and fabrics are not the same each season. A favorite is the clutch in shiny new or well-worn Italian leather. Generally the darker hues are favored, especially a midnight blue or a shade of ruby. However, the approach in London is much more daring and bold checks and busy patterns have made their way into the trendy nightspots. Bags have an additional finesse this fall and winter. Bags are large and have plentiful pockets but they are not the oversized bags of previous years. Style, structure and even fabric are strongly masculine and designers have relied on detail and finishing for verve and grace. Leather dominates the scene and can have a brand new or a vintage appearance but it must have adequate pockets in a superb lining of bold and elegance colors. Gold clasps and brass hinges add a touch of class to the dark colors in vogue. Bags have been on the male fashion scene for many years but in the past couple of seasons, they have become a hot item and there does not seem to be a major designer who has not presented a superb collection for the fall and winter season. Check out your favorite designer and you will not be disappointed. Learn more – Hoodies For Men Or Superdry Bags