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Fashion Advice For Women In Their 20s

A season of oddly contradictory styles awaits the 20-something woman who seeks to be in vogue this winter. Chic but sexy and very feminine dresses and suits that show off the waist and legs will be worn alongside clothing that exhibits the military look that has influenced the current trends in menswear. Loads of tweed and macho jackets and coats will layer over classy dresses and tops. This season’s colors range from a military-looking khaki and green to the dazzling shades of gemstones. Black and white adds a classic touch while camel is the color for coats this fall. Structured waists, enhanced by wide sleeves are for the young and slim. Tops are figure hugging while skirts are full, augmented by box pleats or kick pleats. Lace dresses, fur collars and powdery colors add to the effeminacy of the look. The feminine look is featured in1960’s A-line dresses that flair out to an above-the-knees length. Denim will again be a favorite as it can be dressed up or down this season. Dark denim, a smart double-breasted tweed jacket with bold buttons, and very furry boots will be the look for the office this season. Casual wear in pale blue denim will be exciting, and nothing more so that the denim shorts over tights with a pair of boots. Ugg boots and any other flat or wedge boots, long or short, with lots of fur either inside or outside, or both, will be in vogue. As a contradiction to dainty dresses, thick tweeds have been borrowed from the men’s collection. Tweed jackets will be most trendy this fall. Jackets, and suits, will be formal and well structured. Important features will be the double-breasted look with large buttons, big pockets and striped cord edgings. Khaki bomber jackets reflect the influence of the masculine feel this season. Big black and brown bomber jackets with fur collars, fur lining, lots of pockets and zips, and detailed waist and cuff bands, will look stunning on young women. Add soft leather pants cinched at the waist and wide at hems or tailored legs and you will have a winner. Long trench coats in military green complete the militia look. Trimmings make the season’s look and zippers have been very big on the catwalks, with fur always finding a place. Fur trimmings are found on shoulders, cuffs, hemlines of jackets and skirts and wherever the designer could find a place to pop a strip of fur. Gemstones in emerald green, ruby red and amethyst purple add a sparkle to many outfits. Bright belts add zest to any outfit. A waist belt in dazzling jewel colors adds a voguish touch. Designers have acknowledged the coming cold weather by turning to lots of pure wool sweaters in brilliant shades of blue, turquoise and emerald green. Trendsetters will welcome thick knits, long scarves and camel coats teamed with denim and bright accessories. Tote bags in opulent fabrics and patent leather will add the final touch for twenty-something women this season. Further reading – Superdry Body Warmer