Beginners Guide To Buying Bordeaux Wine

Beginners Guide To Buying Bordeaux Wine

Bordeaux is famous for its wines. They are made from some carefully harvested and picked grapes like Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Since, there is a lot of chatter around the quality and high prices, people might remain under the shadow about the real aspects to deal with while buying a Bordeaux wine. To fix this, here is a quick guide for beginners to get acquainted with the celebrated wine.

Check Labels

Quality remains a vital parameter to getting what you are looking for, especially in Bordeaux wine online. However, they have labels that just fully put up for buyers to acquire the required know-how around. There are three imp labels to know.

Bordeaux ($): These fall under the category of ‘nice and inexpensive’.

Region ($$): They have their regional name printed on their labels which is kind of a big thing since only a few percent of Bordeaux wines are known by their regional name.

Region plus chateau ($$-$$$$): Bordeaux has large chateaus individually producing some of the hand-picked quality Bordeaux wines.

The Left And Right Banks Of Bourdeaux

It is vital to understand from which part of the province the wine has come from, i.e. from the right bank or from the left side of the river. Some of the most standard listings are sourced from the right bank, although both sides have their own peculiarities about taste. Cabernet Sauvignon remains dominant on the left side while on the right side Merlot can be found more. While wines on the left side are particularly rich in alcohol, tannins, and acidic levels, the blends on the right side are softer and lower in acidic and alcoholic levels.

Assortments Of Grapes Are Used To Create A Perfect Merger

The red Bordeaux wine online is the chief specialty of the area while the whites fall beneath the category of less than ten percent. Red wines are usually crafted from six kinds of grapes notably: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Carmenere, and Malbec.

Price Of  Worthy Bordeaux

The Bordeaux wines are prominent all over the world. Such vast popularity has enabled a variation in their prices as well. Quality blends made available by small producers are easily available at somewhere between $15 and $25. While the price range of those coming from the top producers in the market starts from $30.

All these details can help you get a quick idea about choosing your next Bordeaux wine with better details. Since wines have always remained a part of celebration and happiness, a Bordeaux wine is absolutely worth  trying.

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