Different Types Of Door Locks: A Quick Guide For Beginners

Different Types Of Door Locks

There are many types of door locks and each one offers a different level of security. Door locks have a variety of purposes. Some locks fit better for doors leading to the outside because they offer more security. Others are good for keeping doors inside the house secure. These locks can provide enough security to keep others out. Indoor locks usually do not have the safety level needed for outside doors. There are those you can lock from the outside of the door. These are great for exterior doors so you can lock them when you are going to be away. There are also those you can only lock from the inside of the door. These ones are great for bedrooms so you can lock them while you are in and you do not want others to disturb you. Other locks are those you can lock from either side of the door. It is best to understand the various types of door locks before you decide which one to get.

Door knob locks

This type is the most common of all locks. Locksmith Pembroke Pines usually use these indoors at houses. Most people use these for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other inner doors. You can also see them on the front door along with a deadbolt or other more secure lock. These locks have a locking mechanism inside. The knobs are on either side of the door and can have a single or double cylinder. The choice depends on whether you want the door to lock from the inside or not.


It is common for a Hollywood Florida locksmith to recommend a doorknob lock and a deadbolt on the entry doors. The combination prevents the risk of intruders. Deadbolt locks are a separate mechanism from the doorknob. They give entry doors an extra layer of security by reducing the risk of forced entry. They create a secure lock system making it quite impossible for a burglar to break in through the door. Deadbolts can be single and double-cylinder designs. The double cylinder offers more protection from unauthorized people entering the home.


These locks are also quite common, especially in high-end residences. They have a handle on the external side and a keyed opening or twist knob on the internal side. The keyed opening or twist knob locks the whole thing. Handleset locks feature a deadbolt rather than a spring bolt, which makes it more secure. Although serving a similar purpose with a doorknob, these locks are more appealing. These are often used on the exterior.

Hand levers

An excellent choice for indoors, these are not as secure as most locks. These locks feature a simple handle lever on one side and a twist knob on the other. Since they do not offer much security compared to other locks, these are not ideal for entry doors. One thing that is great about hand levers is that they let you open doors with ease even with one hand. It can be useful when you have bags of groceries or a pile of laundry as you go through the door.

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