Bio Lab Exotique – By Ollia Tzarina

Lab Exotique

When Oli Tzari’s pr called me and asked to review Bio Lab Exotique products I was slightly skeptical. I mean, a beauty brand coming from a girl that is used to the limelight and celebrity ( her ex Tzarina By Ollia brand was worn by every superstar in the world, that’s how she became so famous) and expensive skincare for sure, would it be just another money-making machine like her friend Kylie Jenner’s beauty brand? Or will it actually provide value? I don’t want to sound judgemental but I guess I was just assuming. Then one day the package arrived, all-black kraft paper with a super sleek design, high end 30 ml bottle with a brushed gold label ‘ Bio Lab Exotique/ YOUTH/visible results within 48 h ‘ wow sounds ambitious, and I am loving the presentation.

Bio Lab Exotique promises us absolutely zero chemicals in their products, just all organic 100% cold-pressed precious oils. I am reviewing ‘YOUTH’ it promises :

To boost collagen production, to preserve  skin fibroblasts: a type of biological cell, that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen, give us long-lasting hydration and what’s really cool to give our skin that ‘Instagram’ filtered look

AND it is perfect as an after-sun or a makeup primer!  Wow!

After my shower, I literally plaster the potion (a mix of argan, prickly pear and neem oils ) onto my face and jump in bed. When I woke up my skin literally looked as if I was 5-7 years younger it just had that plumped, hydrated look to it. I am impressed. Well done miss Tzari .

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